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What are Anti-Wrinkle Treatments (botulinum A)?

  • Botulinum toxin is Australia’s most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedure and is used to treat the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines of the face.  
  • More than 12,000 botulinum procedures are performed every month across the nation. 
  • These injections are often used to treat crow’s feet, forehead lines and frown lines.

How does botulinum A work?

  • These injectables block nerve signals that tell the muscles to contract. 
  • Muscle weakness is typically seen within 1-5 days, and paralysis of the affected muscles around 14 days. 
  • The effects of botulinum toxins are not permanent, because the affected nerves sprout new endings and three months after the procedure a connection between the nerve and muscle is re-established.
  • However, there is an element of atrophy (muscle wasting) that occurs with each injection which may explain why the interval needed for a second treatment can gradually lengthen time between repeated injections.

    What should I do before my first consultation and what happens during an anti-wrinkle procedure at Aurora Dermatology?

    • During your first consultation, Dr Parisa will discuss your reasons for wanting the procedure, any medical history as well as any potential risks or side effects. 
    • Dr Parisa will also assess your facial muscles and skin to determine your suitability and dosage. 
    • All patients will need an initial consultation before the procedure which is done on a different day. 
    • Injections generally talk about 30 minutes and you will be given ice packs. 
    • You should come to the appointment with no makeup and the area cleansed. 
    • If you are on blood thinning medication please speak to Dr Parisa.

    Does Dr Parisa use Botulinum for medical conditions?

    • Botulinum used to be merely the “pretty poison” favoured by Hollywood celebs to banish wrinkles for a little while. 
    • But in recent times it’s used to treat everything from incontinence to migraines, sweating, cerebral palsy, MS and incontinence and rosacea (facial flushing). 
    • Whilst Dr Parisa focuses on cosmetic procedures, she can do Botulinum for rosacea and hyperhidrosis of the hands (excessive sweating).

    Who should not get botulinum A?

    • These injections are not recommended for people with pre-existing medical conditions that cause muscle weakness, including motor neurone disease and myasthenia gravis.
    • Botulinum is Category C which means not enough evidence either way, so best to err on the side of caution and wait until pregnancy/breastfeeding is complete.  
    • Botulinum not suitable for people who have had previous allergic reactions to injections 
    • Medications such as tetracycline and aminoglycoside antibiotics are also contraindicated – wait 3 weeks post finishing  the course of antibiotics. 
    • Note that blood thinners, including aspirin, warfarin and dabigatran increase the risk of significant bruising at the injection sites and are best avoided – discuss with Dr Parisa.

    What are the side effects of Botulinum

    • Most side effects are related to the injection, rather than the botulinum toxin itself. 
    • These side effects include pain, bruising, swelling and redness at the injection side. 
    • An uncommon side-effect (less than 10%) is unintended muscle weakness of surrounding muscles as the toxin spreads from the injection site to adjacent muscle groups. This can persist for up to 12 weeks. This may include, rarely, droopy eyelids and eyebrows (medicated eye drops can help with this). 
    • When treating hand sweating (hyperhidrosis) hand muscles can be temporarily affected.
    • Some people may experience a headache two to four hours after forehead injections.

      What should you NOT do after injections?

      • Avoid rubbing, massaging, or applying any pressure to the treated area. This can cause the injectable material to spread to other parts of the body. 
      • If you are prone to cold sores and are having lips injected let Dr Parisa know and she can prescribe antivirals. 
      • It is important to have realistic expectations. 
      • Results can be expected within a few days and the full effect of the injections typically lasts up to four months and can prevent the return of fine lines through relaxing the muscles.


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